Headed and founded by CEO Darris Robins in Nov 2013.

Nov 2013, Darris Robins branded his company as Mic Check Global, a marketing agency that helps artist’s, personalities and business’s grow their social media following and fan base online.

Darris became an entrepreneur out of sheer will. He started his company after becoming largely in debt with students loans and with no job experience wasn’t able to cover the massive payments due to him. It was an act of desperation to get his finances together. He would work often 80+ hour weeks balancing studying marketing techniques, being on 50+ calls a day, learning how to create video content for business’s and artist’s, learning how to write code for websites, learning business etiquette and jargin etc.


Some of his philosophies about being a boss or entrepreneur. 

I believe a number of people who want to become a boss have ulterior motives. A lot of people want the grand stand, the attention, the stunt factor. They want the money, fame, jewelry, women etc. They see being an entrepreneur as a single entity that gets you everything you desire. Being a boss should not be your end goal but in-fact helping humanity in what you provide as a service or product. Having thousands of people enjoy what you bring into the market place should matter the most.

Being a boss or entrepreneur is hard work, I started making $500 a month and didn’t quit and go get a job. I had to figure out how to make more and get smarter. I had to understand that a team is what makes the dream come true. I often say as a boss you are the reflection of your executives you have in place. If you lack the team and staff you are just a single person that is trying to do every job and position in the company. You can’t do everything at 100% and be fully optimum in every role.

I encourage anyone that wants to be an entrepreneur that sometimes is best to partner with someone who already has a business in the field you want to be in. You can add and grow into what they are already doing and hopefully make double or triple the money you would make on your own.

A lot of people settle for making $20k-$30k a year being their own boss and could make $120k over time being a co founder or partner in that business. You have to do a thorough self check on yourself to see if you qualify to run a business. You work 40 hour weeks, are you willing to work 80 hour weeks sometimes? Are you willing to miss family/friend engagements, entertainment, love life etc? Before you decide to quit your job and become an entrepreneur understand the risk factor and see if you qualify for the position or you could work closely to a business owner and build a team around the vision you want to be apart of. It’s perfectly ok to work close with a owner and be an executive.

If you believe in yourself and also done a self check to see if you qualify to have a good chance at success, you can do it I encourage you to make it happen!


In 2018 Mic Check global officially opened their first international office in Cebu Phillipines to build business’s relationships to the people of Asia. The new venture includes, hiring brand team ambassadors, sponsoring artist development programs and events, and encourage intercontinental communication and expansion with the ever growing entertainment scenes that are brewing all over the continent of Asia. Mic Check Global will be the first American/Asian company to embark on this venture to help emerging artists grow into full time artists and entrepreneurs. 

Darris Robins has been productive with connecting people all over the world as Mic Check Global services their clients in over 10 countries around the world and is steadily increasing.

Darris and his partners in Cebu have sponsored students to attend private school. The average class room size of some public schools in Cebu are 40-70 kids per class. Darris’s goal is to sponsor over 100 students by 2020.


Darris Robins’s Instagram is

@darrisrobins @miccheckglobal

Darris Robins’s Instagram is

@darrisrobins @miccheckglobal