Nas And Erykha Badu – “This Bitter Land” – Don’t Sleep

By Darris Robins on July 29th, 2016

Hip-Hop much like the streets is a young man’s game and a old man’s hustle. The new generation of artist have to be consistent to stay relevant while the OGs or elder statesmen build their empire. Nas the Hip-Hop Juggernaut and Queens Bridge New York Rap Legend is doing just that. Nasir went toe to toe with Jay-Z and then his ex wife Kelis in divorce court. Nas then dropped his most recent album “Life Is Good” to critically and commercial success then Nas produced a movie about his first album “Illmatic” all while striking business deals with Sprite, Heineken, Mass Appeal and many other companies. Nas returns to the silver screen as an executive producer on the film “The Land” and releases another timeless track this time with Hip-Hop Soul Songstress Erykha Badu called “This Bitter Land”.

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