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Add up to 2 lead singles of your choice to our Spotify Playlist. You can change the songs each month or keep them the same.

Your music will be in our playlist for as long as your subscription is active. Once your subscription ends we will promptly remove the songs. So make sure you card is active to take advantage of the exposure to your music.

Your music will be added to the playlist with in 2 to 3 “business days”.

This Is A Monthly Membership, Payments Will Be Automatically Deducted From Your Card Once Each Month. Best Results Are In At Least 6 Months Of Membership.* See our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding subscriptions.


  1. RasMoe

    Gaining hundreds of listeners each month lets keep it up. Will call you all today with the next song.

  2. Bslime

    Ready to continue working with you all on this plan for 6 months like you said.

  3. Randal johnson

    Kial thanks for helping me today! Excited to see results.

  4. Quan

    Saw results with in the first week $100 is the right price for me.

  5. Hometeam100

    Thanks mic chheck global jsut wanted to say good job, how can I get another album in playlist?

  6. Leon Lyles

    loving the service, about to keep going and keep my whole tape on the mixtape.

  7. Brian turner

    Lets get these numbers seeing results already thanks mic check for the support.

  8. Jordan jones

    Great for artist who want to get their feet wet in marketing thanks Kial!

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