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Grow Your Social Media with Expert Coaching


Ready to take your Social media, brand, and business to the next level? Over the years I have been able to help artist, business owners, authors, speakers, accelerate their growth, & increase their income with online video.

Discussion will include.

  • Money management to lower expenses.
  • Growing your monthly income to at least $10,000 a month.
  • Motivating & Inspiring your will to be successful.
  • Setting & securing the correct manageable goals.
  • Strategic marketing tactics to gain leads(followers) that convert into customers.
  • Sales marketing strategies to increase your sales volume & customer retention.
  • Help creating a newer better product or service.
  • Mental toughness to secure the right mindset for maximum success.
  • Strategies to help find your target potential customer.
  • Staff & hiring procedures.
  • How to discern in business to make the best move at the right time.
  • Question & Answer session where you can ask me anything you would like to know.


  1. Jeremy lynn

    It really does work just listen to what he is saying guys, I believe you all should try it out. I have turned my followers I have had for years into actual clients. I’m very glad we got on the call. I’m looking to schedule another consultation in a few months like you mentioned so you can help keep me accountable lol. Thanks again talk to you soon – Jeremy

  2. Lil Hyru

    Salute bro I’m glad I went ahead and stop procrastinating and made it happen. Let’s 10x this year!

  3. James Tomlin

    Made the decision to take the call, was on the fence at first but it was well worth it, thanks D.

  4. David Blane

    Honestly the best call I have had with someone in years. Amazing sir.

  5. Jennifer Lee

    My lash business has benefited greatly by your consultation I’m very pleased with the results Darris.

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