What Is Mic Check Global? What Is A Sales Rep?

Watch This Video From Our CEO – Darris Robins



Want To Become Financially Free?

Watch This Video From Our Sales Rep Manager. – Kial McClendon




If you’re tired of the traditional method of going to “College/Get A Job/Hourly Pay” etc & ready to work hard to have financial freedom…

If that’s you, we need you to send us 2 videos to be considered for this position.


Video 1 – About Yourself | 10 minutes max.


  • Talk about your experiences in sales, call center or lack there of.

  • What are some of your personal goals?

  • How many team experiences have you had and talk about them.

  • What kind of person are you wanting to be in life?

  • What has been the hardest skill you have acquired so far & how long did it take to develop it?

  • What worries you the most about finances & not living up to your potential?


Video 2 – Sales Example

Give us an example of how you would sell Mic Check Global’s services to a potential client.

You can talk directly into the camera & give us a solid pitch of how you would sell our marketing services to a potential client.

Learn more about our marketing services. Click here for Business’s and for Artist’s.



Send both of your videos to salesmiccheckglobal@gmail.com

  • Upload your videos to dropbox or google drive so they won’t compress

  • Email Subject “[Your Name] – Sales Rep Opportunity”

  • Attach your video via google drive or paste links

  • Body of email post your first & last name, number, email & your Instagram @.

  • Send to salesmiccheckglobal@gmail.com


After your email is sent & reviewed, if you are considered we will contact you & begin your training.