Mic Check Global might be new to the industry but it has been making waves the last 5 years.

Headed and founded by CEO Darris Robins. Darris Robins begin as aspiring musician and artist starting out at the age of 10 born in St.Louis MO. He attended Berklee College of Music In Boston MA but soon after dropped out.

Darris Robins produced and wrote his own music, and understood how to write and compose at a very early age. He would stay up all night preparing compositions and instrumentals that he would share constantly with his friends and family.

After dropping out of college due to the ever growing student loan debt in May 2012, he amassed over $100k in student loan debt at the age of 19 and that pushed him into learning the business of music. It shook his foundation to the core and found himself in cold sweats often with that amount of debt that equals a mortgage at only 19 years old. He started marketing his music online to pay for necessities and was his only source of income. After amassing a solid following on his own people started to ask how do you grow your fan base by yourself and can you help me too? He would freelance market for his peers and be outsourced to business’s for about a year and started a interview/vlog series for local artists around his local town. Nov 2013 he branded his company as Mic Check Global, a marketing agency that helps creatives, personalities and business’s grow their social media to dominate their targeted demographic and niche market online and establish a large following that convert into sales.


In 2015 Darris Robins created Mic Check Global films which he began creating visual branding content that business’s can use to convey their messaging on social media to tell a story and present a new product or service.

In 2018 Mic Check global officially opened their first international office in Cebu Phillipines to build business’s relationships to the people of Asia. The new venture includes, hiring brand team ambassadors, sponsoring artist development programs and events, and encourage intercontinental communication and expansion with the ever growing entertainment scenes that are brewing all over the continent of Asia. Mic Check Global will be the first American/Asian company to embark on this venture to help emerging artists grow into full time artists and entrepreneurs. 

Darris and his partners in Cebu have sponsored students to attend private school. These students have ambition to a higher education but aren’t able to afford it due to poverty and lack of opportunities. The average class room size of some public schools are 40-70 kids per class. Darris’s goal is to sponsor over 100 students by 2020.

Some of Mic Check Global’s celebrity clients include Steve Cardenas and Jason Faunt, actors of the Power Rangers TV series.

Darris Robins has been productive with connecting people all over the world as Mic Check Global services their clients in over 10 countries around the world and is steadily increasing.

Darris Robins’s Instagram is

@darrisrobins @miccheckglobal