🚀I’m mentoring 5 new entrepreneurs this month.

By Darris Robins on May 1st, 2022

Let’s begin this journey on the right foot. My consultation is $500 for 2 hours video call & it be recorded so you can always review it. If you are in the Atlanta area your consultation will be in person.

In your consultation we will go over: Money management to lower expenses. Motivating & Inspiring your will to be successful. Setting & securing the correct manageable goals. Strategic marketing tactics to gain leads(followers) that convert into customers. Sales marketing strategies to increase your sales volume & customer retention. Help creating a newer better product or service.

Mental toughness to secure the right mindset for maximum success. Strategies to help find your target potential customer. Staff & hiring procedures. How to discern in business to make the best move at the right time. Questions & Answers period where you can ask me anything you would like to know. Interested in getting started?

Schedule your consultation here. https://miccheckglobal.us/…

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