Having The Right Mentor Is Key🗝

Here is an example of what my consultations are like. $10,000+ a month income is key🗝 & the focus of your consultation.

 🚀I started Mic Check Global, Nov 2013 at 20 years old. I started with over $100,000 in student loan debt and only $300 to my name. I had to pay $1200 a month for college loans after the deferment was over, so I had to create income immediately. I could not find a job since I had little work experience. It was either do or die for me. You, more than likely don’t have it as hard as I did when I started, so there is no excuse why you can’t be successful.

😎Doesn’t matter if you just started a business today or have been in business longer than a year I can help you. I’m here to answer the hard questions & uncover the underlying reasons your business is not growing. Mentoring you will help you understand your competition, marketing skills to drive more attention & sales to your business, evaluating your hiring process, how you handle the finances & expenses of your company, and more importantly getting you back into loving the business you started. Doesn’t matter if you just started a business today or have been in business longer than a year I can help you.

😓A lot of times we get information from people we look up to, family or friends, furu’s(false guru’s) etc.. Majority of the time those people are not experienced enough nor qualified to give you the best advice.

🌤Let’s begin this journey on the right foot. My consultation is $500 for 2 hours video call & it be recorded so you can always review it. If you are in the Atlanta area your consultation will be in person.

Here is the link to schedule your consultation. Don’t wait & procrastinate this is your dream to become a full time entrepreneur & quit your job. It’s starts with your consultation with me today. In your consultation we will go over:

2 Hour Consultation With Darris Robins
Money management to lower expenses.
Growing your monthly income to at least $10,000 a month.
Motivating & Inspiring your will to be successful.
Setting & securing the correct manageable goals.
Strategic marketing tactics to gain leads(followers) that convert into customers.
Sales marketing strategies to increase your sales volume & customer retention.
Help creating a newer better product or service.
Mental toughness to secure the right mindset for maximum success.
Strategies to help find your target potential customer.
Staff & hiring procedures.
How to discern in business to make the best move at the right time.
Question & Answer session where you can ask me anything you would like to know.