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*BONUS 1* –  Commit to this plan for 6 months & our “Custom Viral Plan” is 50% off so $2500 instead of $5000

*BONUS 2* – Being our client for 12 months you will be pitched to manager that can help you get distribution/publishing deal opportunities. You are required to have at least 10k instagram real organic followers, 100k youtube views on at least 2 views, & 10k monthly listeners maintained to be pitched. Which means getting a viral plan is necessary to reach those numbers. They have full discretion to accept you as a client based on your content etc.


This Is A Monthly Membership, Payments Will Be Automatically Deducted From Your Card Once Each Month. Best Results Are In At Least 6 Months Of Membership.* See our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding subscriptions.

*Results May Vary Based On The Music Being Advertised, Presentation Of Your Page, How Many Fans Currently Supporting You & If You Just Started Investing Into Marketing Your Music.*

You Will See Results With In 2-3 Business Days After Purchase.


  1. Kay

    Time to get my marketing cracking glad I used Mic check! viral plan before year ends

  2. Kavreon

    I can sing and I want to get my people out the hood

  3. Reginald

    I like the service roaylties make sense for what Im paying for, viral plan is next month

  4. Dante Dunbar

    I like the services lets begin for next month

  5. Tupac Shaquille O’Neal

    I have the talent
    Must need the marketing then I started working with Mic Check Global and the reach was great I just need to stay commitment for the next 12 months as talked about in our game plan call.

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